I/O 2021: New Decade, New Frontiers

 Did you miss any content from Google I/O 2021?

If so, then check out the links below to see the sites and videos linked to throughout the entire map above.  (If you missed the roundtables or Meetups hosted on Bevy, then sorry, I think you're out of luck; those are lost to the ether.)

But First, a Recap:

2021 is the first year of Google I/O since 2019, since 2020's I/O was scheduled to happen in the midst of many worldwide lockdowns from the COVID-19 pandemic.  While I'm sure much content was being prepared for 2020, it would take a great deal of logistical shifts to prepare all of it to be delivered virtually.  But it was certainly worth the wait!

As you can see from above, besides the usual lists of conference talks and meetups, there was also Google I/O Adventure, an explorable "platformer" where you could wander the map, collect wearables and badges, and meet other I/O attendees and Googlers.  Obviously a lot of thought and creativity went into this, and while there were certainly some annoying bugs and glitches one might face on a regular basis, I must admit it was just as exciting to spot your friends in this virtual world as it is to bump into them at physical I/Os.  Also, I could explore all the usual demos (my favorite part of I/O anyway) all night long, and not be constrained to their usual shutdown time of 5 PM physically.

Why We Should Abolish Physical I/O!

  • No grueling aspect of getting up super-early to catch an Uber to go across town and get stuck in traffic to make the long walk in, and then repeat the same on the way out
  • Demo tents are open 24/7; no one's kicking me out of Tensorflow or AR demos at 5 PM
  • Platform makes it just as random to meet friends of yours as it is in real life
  • Events were held pretty much 24/7, for all time zones across the world; the event had a much bigger global reach since people didn't have to travel, so more could participate

Why I/O 2022 Should Be Back in Mountain View!

  • Lots of Googlers were "asleep" in the demo booths, so I couldn't go up and ask questions or have conversations (no matter how trivial) about every demo, like I normally like to do
  • There's not really a way to just huddle around a specific demo and engage a group of people, like you can physically.  Sometimes the best conversations are when multiple attendees and Googlers participate.  Unfortunately, the "private conversation" spaces seemed empty most of the time, and usually weren't super-close to demos.
  • I don't think very many people knew about Google I/O Adventure to begin with, so it was not nearly as crowded as the usual I/O events would be.  This, combined with most folks' lack of participation in private chats, made it rather hard to network from within Adventure.  Of course, there were plenty of Meetups scheduled that offered the ability to network anyway.
  • Somehow, I don't think all the content listed in each demo dome made its way to the schedule pages.  There may have been some round tables going on at booths in the dome that you'd have to be present for at the certain time.
  • I wish there was a better announcement system in-game to tell you when to exit Adventure and go to your meetup.  Physical I/O ebbs and flows, since most people go to talks at the top of the hour, so it gets fairly quiet in the demos at the beginning, and then busier later in the hour.

Hacking I/O Adventure

It should have been fairly apparent that there are places on the island that are inaccessible just by walking around.  Going close to these places, you could meet NPCs that would give you hints.  These hints involved taking the part of the URL that comes after the hash (#) and running that through a base64 decoder.  Once you did this, you would be greeted by a very human-readable string consisting of your map quadrant, plus your X and Y location on the map.  All you would need to do is adjust the X and Y numbers, re-encode the string into base64, and then paste that encoded string back into your browser's address bar after the hash sign.  Then, you could teleport anywhere you wish, including the remote islands!

There may have been some other interesting Easter eggs, such as the hidden coding challenge and such.  I never do a good job of finding these things anyway, so you certainly won't find it here this year.

What Could You See At I/O 2021?

I have spent several hours crawling around the entire map, and have made bookmarks for what I think is every single available external link from inside I/O Adventure.  Enjoy!

Accessibility Tent

Navigate your phone by speaking aloud with Voice Access on Android - YouTube
Android Accessibility: Live Transcribe - YouTube
shuwa open-source


Android Developer Story: Spotify on Wear OS - YouTube
Wear OS by Google  |  Android Developers
Create your first Tile in Wear OS
Innovation on Android TV: Haystack News - YouTube
Responsive layouts for tablets, large screens, and foldables
Google Duo sees increased engagement and improved ratings by optimizing for larger screens
Android Auto in the new BMW iX - YouTube
Android TV  |  Android Developers
TV reference app demo - YouTube
Getting your app ready for Google TV - YouTube
Android for Cars  |  Android Developers
Android Developer Story: Pincer Games grows with Google Play Academy - YouTube
Google Play Academy for all app makers
Android Developers Blog: The top Google Play updates from I/O ‘21
Google Play services  |  Google Developers
Android Developer Story: Headspace drive business growth by investing in Android app quality - YouTube
Android Developer Story: League of Legends: Wild Rift Drives nearly 40M pre-registrations - YouTube
Learn advanced coroutines with Kotlin Flow and LiveData
Write your first program in Kotlin
Background Work with WorkManager - Kotlin
Android Developers Blog: What's new in Jetpack
Jetpack Compose  |  Android Developers
Jetpack Compose basics
Utiliser Hilt dans une application Android
Android Developers Blog: What's new for Android developers at Google I/O
Get Android 12  |  Android 12 Developer Preview  |  Android Developers
Android Developers Blog: What’s new in Android 12 Beta
Android Developers Blog: Android Studio Arctic Fox (2020.3.1) Beta
GMC HUMMER EV powered by Android Automotive OS with Google built-in - YouTube


Introducing the ARCore Recording and Playback API - YouTube
VoxPlop! - Apps on Google Play
Jump AR - Apps on Google Play
Introduction to ARCore Recording and Playback API  |  Google Codelabs
Create an AR game using Unity's AR Foundation  |  Google Codelabs
Build an augmented reality (AR) app using the WebXR Device API
ARCore Augmented Images
MARK - Apps on Google Play
ARCore Cloud Anchors with persistent Cloud Anchors
AR Doodads - Apps on Google Play
ARCore Depth Lab - Apps on Google Play
ARCore Raw Depth
Use the ARCore Depth API for immersive augmented reality experiences
The Mandalorian AR Experience - Apps on Google Play
Depth - Lens Studio by Snap Inc.
Introducing the ARCore Raw Depth API - YouTube

Google Assistant

App Actions overview - YouTube
Suggest shortcuts using the In-App Promo SDK  |  App Actions
Refreshing widgets | Session - YouTube
Build an Interactive Canvas Action for Google Assistant with Actions Builder
Build Actions for Google Assistant  |  Google Developers
Android shortcuts for Assistant | Session - YouTube
Push dynamic shortcuts to Assistant  |  App Actions  |  Google Developers
How to voicify your Android app | Session - YouTube
Extend an Android app to Google Assistant with App Actions (Beta)
App Actions overview  |  Google Developers


Protect your data with Firestore Security Rules
Add Firebase to your TFLite-powered iOS App
Get to know Firebase for Flutter
Add subscription payments to your web app with Firebase Extensions & Stripe
Measuring Load time and Screen Rendering with Firebase Performance
Local Development with the Firebase Emulator Suite
Your First In-App Messaging Experiment
Distribute your pre-release iOS builds faster with App Distribution and fastlane
Spelling Practice Game using Google Assistant and Cloud Firestore
Improve Your App
Level up your apps with Firebase Extensions and ML | Demo - YouTube
Firebase for Web demo
Level up your game’s stability with Crashlytics | Demo - YouTube
Firebase Quick-Draw
Dear Firebase


STAIR (Flutter Developer Stories) - YouTube
Debug and profile your app with Flutter DevTools | Demo - YouTube
Automatically adapt to API changes with Flutter Fix | Demo - YouTube
Build apps with Flutter  |  Google Developers
Implement Material Design with Material Components for Flutter
pay | Flutter Package
Launching Google Ads Campaigns with Google Analytics Custom Events and Flutter
Get to know Firebase for Flutter
Adding an AdMob banner and native inline ads to a Flutter app
DartPad Workshops
DartPad Workshops
DartPad Workshops
Dart cheatsheet codelab | Dart
Flutter Plasma
gskinner: leaders in Flutter design and development
Adaptive Design | Demo - YouTube
Add Firebase to your Flutter app

GCP - Google Cloud Platform

#buildingwithappsheet - YouTube
Build a Google Workspace Add-on with Node.js and Cloud Run
Accelerate add-on and chat bot development with the Card Builder tool | Demo - YouTube
Baseline: Data, ML, AI | Qwiklabs
Use Document AI to Intelligently Process your Handwritten Forms (Python)
404  |  Page Not Found  |  Google Codelabs
I created an AI-powered video archive for searching family videos - YouTube
Deconstructing Chatbots - An Overview - YouTube
What is Vertex AI? - YouTube
Fuel your custom models on the Cloud AI Platform | Demo - YouTube
Strike a pose: Training a vision model on the AI Platform | Demo - YouTube
Rainbow Rumpus
This Week in Cloud - YouTube
gregsramblings/google-cloud-4-words: The Google Cloud Developer's Cheat Sheet
Developer Center  |  Google Cloud
Developers & Practitioners | Google Cloud Blog
Google Cloud Essentials | Qwiklabs
Running Kotlin on Google Cloud - YouTube
Pic-a-Daily Serverless Workshop (g.co/codelabs/serverless-workshop)
Getting Started with Go on Google Cloud | Qwiklabs
Hello Cloud Run | Qwiklabs

Google Maps

Next generation maps with WebGL | Session - YouTube
How to add a Place Autocomplete search widget to your website - Geocasts - YouTube
Design, manage, and deploy better Maps with Cloud-based Maps styling | Session - YouTube
Build 3D map experiences with WebGL Overlay View
Google Maps Platform - WebGL-powered Maps Features
Google Maps Platform - WebGL-powered Maps Features
Getting better predictions in Place Autocomplete - Geocasts - YouTube
Intro to Google Maps Platform - YouTube
Add a map to your website (JavaScript)
Add a map to your Android app (Kotlin)
Add a map to your iOS app (Objective-C)
Google Maps Platform  |  Google Developers
Using Google Maps Platform with idiomatic Kotlin | Session - YouTube
Add a Place Autocomplete widget to your Android app - Geocasts - YouTube
Quick tip: Hide your API Keys on Android - Geocasts - YouTube
Display nearby places in AR on Android (Kotlin)

Material Design

Material Components - YouTube
Announcing the Material Design Award Winners for 2020 - Material Design
Introducing Material Design Guidance for Large Screens - Material Design
Welcome to the Material Design YouTube channel - YouTube
Material's Communication Principles: Intro to UX Writing
Design an Adaptive Layout with Material Design
Design Notes
Material for WordPress - Material Moment - YouTube
Material Design for WordPress - Material Design
Compose Material  |  Android Developers
material-catalog - Android Code Search
Jetpack Compose: Now in Beta - Material Design

Google Pay

SCA and Google Pay API  |  Google Developers
Autofill with Google Pay - YouTube
Visual Tickets on Google Pay - YouTube
Enable seamless loyalty sign-up with Google Pay
Sign up: Google Pay's Business Console
Improving the developer experience with Google Pay - YouTube
Google I/O 2021
Pay from a notification  |  Google Pay API for Android
pay | Flutter Package

TensorFlow Tent

Level Up - Getting started with Coral Dev Board - YouTube
Level Up - AI Director - YouTube
Level Up - AI Coach - YouTube
TensorFlow Lite | ML for Mobile and Edge Devices
TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers - Experiments with Google
Build and deploy a custom object detection model with TensorFlow Lite (Android)
Build and deploy a model with Vertex AI
Train TensorFlow models at cloud scale with TensorFlow Cloud | Demo - YouTube
ML Ops on Google Cloud | Demo - YouTube
Superpowers for next gen web apps: Machine learning - YouTube
TensorFlow.js Transfer Learning Image Classifier
TensorFlow.js: Convert a Python SavedModel to TensorFlow.js format
Make a smart webcam in JavaScript with a TensorFlow.js pre-trained Machine Learning model
TensorFlow.js — Making Predictions from 2D Data
TensorFlow.js — Handwritten digit recognition with CNNs
Scroobly - Scrooble a doodle. Bring it to life.
Easily deploy TF Lite models to the web | Demo - YouTube
shuwa open-source
TensorFlow.js | Machine Learning for Javascript Developers
Beyond evaluation: Improving fairness with Model Remediation | Demo - YouTube
Intro to Autoencoders  |  TensorFlow Core
Building Trusted AI Products with the PAIR Guidebook

Web Tent

Angular Language Service with Ivy! | #ngUpdate - YouTube
Meet the Angular CLI - YouTube
Introducing Angular DevTools - YouTube
Playground – Lit
Lit for React Developers
Get Started - amp.dev
AMP Page Experience Guide - amp.dev
What goes into Page Experience - YouTube
Google Chrome
Web OTP API Demo
⚡️ Demo: Event-Level Conversion Measurement API
Build your first WebAuthn app
EStimator.dev: the modern JavaScript savings calculator
The 2020 Web Almanac
Using the CrUX Dashboard on Data Studio
Improve your website with Web Vitals  |  Google Developers
PageSpeed Insights
Using the Chrome UX Report API
Web Vitals
Explore new and upcoming browser capabilities for your PWA: From Fugu With Love
Capture media with WebRTC  |  Google Developers
Serving AVIF Images
Engage your web app's users with push notifications
How Google Search Works (in 5 minutes) - YouTube
Google Search Console
Fix a single-page app for Google Search
SEO Starter Guide: The Basics | Google Search Central
Build user-adaptive interfaces with preference media queries
Learn CSS
Chrome DevTools - Chrome Developers
DevTools - Chrome Developers
What's New in DevTools - YouTube
User-Agent 👀 Client Hints

I/O Blob Opera

Blob Opera — Google Arts & Culture
Blob Opera - On Tour! by David Li in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture - Experiments with Google

I/O Bygone April Fools Day GCP Announcements

Introducing Google Actual Cloud Platform - YouTube
Introducing Google Wind - YouTube
Introducing Style Detection for Cloud Vision API - YouTube
Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge - YouTube
Introducing Google Tulip - YouTube

I/O Developer Well-being

Drag Makeup Tutorial - YouTube
Dancing in Heels - YouTube
Virtual Rhythm and Blues Concert - YouTube
K-Pop Choreography - YouTube
Hip Hop Dance Class - YouTube
Sleep Prep: A Guided Path to Body Awareness, Breathing, and More Restful Sleep - YouTube
Move and Breathe for More Energy - YouTube
Connecting Communities for What's Next - YouTube
Meeting Mindfully - YouTube
Breathe Easier with Better Air Quality - YouTube
The Art of Successful Snacking - YouTube
Take A Byte Out of Health - YouTube
Supercharged Breakfast - YouTube
Let's Talk Coffee - YouTube
Hack Your Snack - YouTube
Eating for Sustained Energy - YouTube
Yoga for Focus - YouTube
Bike Your Way to Wellness - YouTube
Bodyweight Fitness Class - YouTube
Movement for Anti-Sitting - YouTube
Creative Storytelling for the Whole Family - YouTube
Blinking for Eye Wellness - YouTube
Self-Care for Your Forearms - YouTube
Move and Breathe to Loosen Your Shoulders - YouTube
A Beginner's Guide to Sitting - YouTube
A Tutorial in Flower Arrangement - YouTube
Eating for Sustained Energy - YouTube

I/O NW Quadrant

IO Splash Canvas
All content at Google I/O 2021
All content at Google I/O 2021
All content at Google I/O 2021
See Bingo with Sheila Simmonds at Google Developer Groups I/O Community Lounge Meetups
See Bingo with Sheila Simmonds at Google Developer Groups I/O Community Lounge Meetups
See Virtual Magic Camp with Nigel Mead at Google Developer Groups I/O Community Lounge Meetups
See Magic with Nigel Mead at Google Developer Groups I/O Community Lounge Meetups
See Magic with Nigel Mead at Google Developer Groups I/O Community Lounge Meetups

I/O Shared Pianos

Shared Piano - Chrome Music Lab
Shared Piano - Chrome Music Lab
Shared Piano - Chrome Music Lab
Shared Piano - Chrome Music Lab
Shared Piano - Chrome Music Lab
Shared Piano - Chrome Music Lab

I/O Statues

Sophie Germain - Google Search
Christine Darden - Google Search
Grace Hopper - Google Search


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