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Making a ROM hack of an old arcade game

(Addendum: Follow along my thought process below with this extra pedagogical material:  ) An interesting work project, right? I was invited to take my Giant NES Controller to a recruiting event for work taking place at a local brewery.  But you can't just have an NES controller without anything to play, right?  Thus, I pitched a couple ideas on custom games to go along with the giant controller since I didn't want participants playing anything standard either.  The thing they agreed to was to feature the Tapper arcade game, by Bally/Midway in 1983, but modified to show the brewery's logo instead of being Budweiser-branded like it was originally. My handiwork, about 80% done, and with a tiny glitch.  Can you spot the remaining issues? Now you might be thinking Tapper wasn't ever ported to NES, and that's correct.  However, with the help of the MAME arcade emulator and a Hyperkin USB-&