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Ok, here it goes!  I've been resisting blogging for the better part of a decade now because I already have a website where people can find more about some of the things I do.  Problem is, in this day & age, search engine ranking is key, and my website just isn't SEO'd like Blogspot is.  Plus, my site has a reputation for being awfully game-show-specific, so while you might go there to find the episode when your grandmother was on What's My Line? back in the 1950s, you're going to have a harder time finding about my exploits with equally geeky things such as non-negative matrix factorization, support vector machines, how these apply to stock options (or not), and the myriad of apps I write that run on everything from EFI BIOS and ARM microprocessors on up to Intel server processors that haven't even been released yet. G : Game shows, O : Stock options, S : Software, H : Hardware -- GOSHtastic! This blog will be, first and foremost, a showcase of v