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Touring with Turo - The Pros and Cons

Driving to more remote yet scenic places as a side trip to a big city can reveal places and ways of life unknown to folks who don’t get out of the downtown bubble.   Not everything a city dweller enjoys is in the city, so part of the experience of a culture is to get to know where folks go to take a break.   For instance, when visiting Washington, DC, why not hit Virginia Beach too?   Maybe next time you’re in Boston, think of taking a couple hours to go to Cape Cod.   Maybe if you’re in New York City, take a visit to Long Island (though better plan that one in advance).   But if you find yourself in Detroit, it might be better to go to Windsor just across the Canadian border and stay put. :-P  As such, for once, I will regale you with experiences not from software I'm writing, but that I'm using as a consumer. Background - What brought me here? I was in quite a conundrum during a recent trip, visiting a city where several famous Ivy League schools were all ab