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Deploying Pre-trained Keras Models Using Tensorflow 2 on Amazon SageMaker

How does one go about deploying a model on Amazon SageMaker from Keras, TensorFlow, or TensorFlow Hub without first doing training? There are countless articles and blog posts discussing how to train a machine learning model using TensorFlow or Keras, and then deploy that model right away to Amazon SageMaker.  But what if you're already starting from a SavedModel, or just want to serve up a model trained on plain vanilla ImageNet from within your own AWS account?  You might end up wading through tons of confusing, outdated information that will misguide you, causing you to go down rabbit holes that will make things seem unnecessarily complex.  For instance, you might be inclined to use compatibility libraries to find low-level attributes of modern classes to leverage older deprecated function calls, or to build totally unnecessary infrastructure along the side that makes a Docker container for your model, which will be inevitably broken because you don't know how to invoke it.