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Start Azure Pipeline from another pipeline with ADO CLI & PowerShell

Are you looking to find the one simple command that can kick off a pipeline from another pipeline in Azure DevOps? You may have found a lot of annoying restrictions using straight YAML because so many things have to be known ahead-of-time (i.e. set using compile-time variables). This prevents you from doing such things as conditionally running pipelines, utilizing arrays defined at runtime as parameters into many ADO tasks/commands, or performing manipulations on runtime data for use in subsequent commands. You can't even kick off a pipeline without the previous one finishing (and invoking a pipeline trigger ). Follow along as I explore a scripted solution to solve my problem. My Use Case I want to provide fresh Databricks images on a private Azure Container Registry (ACR). This way, data scientists are not confounded by changes to Databricks runtimes when their clusters start and stop, since changes can prevent their package & library installation scripts from running successf