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Making a new Transaction Family on Hyperledger Sawtooth with Docker

(Important Note: Conversational capabilities have been disabled on this article.  If you need to ask a question or comment, please find me elsewhere.) Are you excited to see what all the buzz is about regarding Hyperledger Sawtooth ?  Are you a fan of using Docker containers to conveniently test Sawtooth in an isolated and easily-deployable environment?  Then it probably won't be long before you want to run your own smart contract code beyond the basic examples provided to you. At the time of this writing, the Docker containers for Sawtooth only provide examples of smart contracts written in Python 3 -- no JavaScript nor Go containers are available from Sawtooth Lake.  As far as transaction processors , which are the entities that actually run the smart contract code, the only ones available as Docker containers from Sawtooth Lake are: sawtooth-settings-tp sawtooth-intkey-tp-python sawtooth-xo-tp-python "Settings" is required in any Sawtooth deployme