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Applying old properties to new files in Windows

A while back, I used some kind of "cp -r" command in Linux to copy files from an old IDE hard drive to a newer SATA drive.  The IDE drive is 10 years old, and thus many of the files on there are of that vintage.  Unfortunately, I was not aware that cp does not properly transfer file attributes between Windows files (as these are NTFS partitions).  I could have simply used Windows to copy the files, but I didn't want this to happen: Hence why the choice to use Linux.  Nevertheless, being somewhat of an archivist at heart, I was interested in retaining some of these original file properties, namely Created, Modified, and Accessed times.  I didn't want all my files looking like they came from 12/2/2013 when some of them are as old as 2002.  So, I went back into Windows to solve my problem. The idea for this was derived from one of many related StackOverflow posts on the topic, plus some additional information was acquired in order to walk the directory trees recu