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Tooting my own horn for just a bit...

I forgot to post here back in February that, once again, yours truly won yet another hackathon!  This time, I took the title of "Best M2M App" at the AT&T M2X Hackathon at the AT&T Foundry back on Feb. 22.  I'm splitting a $500 prize with my partner who provided a robot and programmed it to accept letters as serial inputs in order to drive it back, forth, left, right, stop, and do all sorts of things. The app is called SpeechPipe , and utilizes the text-to-speech function on your Android-powered device.  You can send the text to any Internet-connected or Bluetooth-connected device.  Thus, your Android can now be used as a microphone to take dictation for emails, Word documents, or controlling the screen if you have a program that will map certain commands to screen actions.  Of course, we also used it to control Jeff's Bluetooth-connected robot.  The implementation done for the Hackathon was written from scratch to use the MQTT protocol (the most popular pr