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Waking the Sore, Groggy Dog

Well, it's reached the point where I finally had enough of computers and everything I was doing on them for just a bit, so I closed the lid of my laptop on Tuesday right at 5 PM and sat outside in the lawn chair, doing absolutely nothing for about 30 minutes until my dog started panting up a storm.  I let her back inside and she gulped down tons of water quickly.  Still not knowing what to do with myself while trying to stay away from the computer, I just about dozed off on the couch when inspiration struck me: I needed to do something physical to stay awake. Now I'm a huge fan of sitting, but sitting still in one position at a desk for a long time leads to unhappy muscles.  Plus, I find tedious or uninteresting work to be soporific, especially if I just had a heavy lunch or didn't get much sleep the night before.  However, taking a nap usually leads to undesirable outcomes: I wake up about 2 or 3 hours later, still feeling groggy, and often incapable of accomplishing my