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15 Days in California: Google I/O and IoT World 2018

Earlier this month, I got a chance to attend two conferences in the Bay Area: Google I/O and IoT World.   They are two very different venues, as Google has a lot for developers and the media to consume, experiment, discuss, and play with, and IoT World has some good content for developers but also helpful strategies for executives to understand where things are going. Of course, from the Google I/O keynote, everyone has been the most impressed with the Google Assistant handling phone calls on behalf of users.   This is something that has held me back in the past from getting things done; there’s a level of “activation energy” I have to want to talk to someone; given my ability to be such an easy push-over and not either quick enough or persistent enough to try to contradict with or argue with someone, so I often put off phone calls or worry about how the conversation will go on.   Having someone do the talking for me will free up some of my brain cells from worrying about this