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Angular Noob: An Observable On An Observable Observing a Promise

With the reusability and extensibility of modern Web components, I do not look back on the days of jQuery with much fondness.  However,  I haven't paid much attention to Angular since Angular 1.  Since its syntax didn't really appeal to me, I opted to learn Polymer instead.  Well now, given a new opportunity, I am diving into a much more modern Angular and TypeScript.  Unfortunately, I am finding that a lot of articles people write on Angular, when you're diving into a well-established code base, are about as dense as reading toward the end of a book on quantum mechanics.  It's English alright, but the jargon is applied thickly.  (And this is coming from someone who has even impressed some of Google's Tensorflow engineers with their machine learning skillz.) The problem at hand is fairly straightforward.  We want to notify something in the UI upon the outcome of a RESTful request we make to an external resource so that it can display useful information to the user