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Proxy keeping you up at night when running local Selenium tests in Chrome?

A Tale of Pesky Proxies Running Selenium / Protractor UI Tests Locally Inside Chrome On a Mac As a tester, I face all sorts of environmental idiosyncrasies when testing products across various platforms, not just in the way those platforms behave, but also how they retain state throughout time.  (This is why Sauce Labs is great -- there is no leftover gunk from a prior state, since each test environment is a freshly-baked VM, thus eliminating the old adage "Well it works on my machine, so why not yours?") However, it's not always practical to jump right into using Sauce Labs, especially when trying to develop new tests.  In attempting to do just that and run on my own local environment, though, Chrome on my Mac would keep asking me for proxy credentials because of various external assets the site attempts to load over HTTPS through content providers and API services.  No matter how I would try to specify the proxy settings to the WebDriver or as command-line argument

Saucin' Up Perl with Selenium WebDriver

My foray into the world of Sauce OnDemand, made public about a month ago in an earlier blog post , landed me a spot as Presenter for April's meeting of the DFW Perl Mongers club! But wait, you wrote all that code in JavaScript! Yes, that's true.  And, despite Sauce Labs not really acknowledging the availability of a WebDriver module for Perl, it does indeed exist, and I found it, and wrote some nice automation in Perl to demo to the small crowd.  I even did some extra stuff they weren't anticipating -- showing off how to test mobile apps with Perl too by using Appium + Sauce Labs in order to provide an environment where the same test code can be used to test both a native Android app and a native iOS app, assuming they both had identical resource names for the graphical elements.  Unfortunately, the two APKs I had easy access to both caused a Force Close once the Android emulator in Sauce Labs started them up.  There were also some tweaks, features, and expanded cap