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Tipping Over the Full Stack

Are there good full-stack developers? For the past several months, I have been posing as a traditional full-stack developer when I come from a background of software testing, interpreted scripting, and winning hackathons with proof of concept and prototype work.  I suppose "full stack" could also mean twiddling bits of firmware to interface with a BLE stack and then writing software to allow a PC or phone to control an embedded device (which is my kind of full-stack), but here I'm referring to traditional back-end and front-end application development. It used to look easy back when I entered this world roughly four years ago.  You can bang out some pieces in Node, others in Angular, and some deep plumbing in Java, interface with your database of choice, and then call it a day.  I was still usually involved with testing, though, and spent time flipping back and forth between API and UI testing (specifically API contract (such as Pact) type of testing, and  regression