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I/O 2021: New Decade, New Frontiers

 Did you miss any content from Google I/O 2021? If so, then check out the links below to see the sites and videos linked to throughout the entire map above.  (If you missed the roundtables or Meetups hosted on Bevy, then sorry, I think you're out of luck; those are lost to the ether.) But First, a Recap: 2021 is the first year of Google I/O since 2019, since 2020's I/O was scheduled to happen in the midst of many worldwide lockdowns from the COVID-19 pandemic.  While I'm sure much content was being prepared for 2020, it would take a great deal of logistical shifts to prepare all of it to be delivered virtually.  But it was certainly worth the wait! As you can see from above, besides the usual lists of conference talks and meetups, there was also Google I/O Adventure , an explorable "platformer" where you could wander the map, collect wearables and badges, and meet other I/O attendees and Googlers.  Obviously a lot of thought and creativity went into this, and whil