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Extensible Database Tester in Python, with Permutations

Here is some Python code that allows you to generate all combinations of options by choosing one item from an arbitrary number of different lists.  Not only that, but each option is actually a data structure that also includes lots of metadata about the ramifications of the option, in addition to the option value itself. Let's say you're looking to run performance testing on different types of tables and underlying data arrangements in Amazon Redshift Spectrum.  You can devise a template SQL query that can be configurable in multiple ways.  For instance, you could choose between multiple tables or views from which to query data (say, if comparing Redshift to Redshift Spectrum performance), and you also want to see the performance of count(1) vs. count(*) to see if one uses more data or works quicker on Redshift vs. Spectrum.  Thus, you already have two lists of options, and need to come up with the four permutations of these options. The Groundwork Basically, to lay so