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Talking about Digital Fight Club

Earlier this month, I attended the third installment of the Digital Fight Club, put on by Digital Dallas.  Digital Fight Club is now going to be held at various events across the country!  I'd love to make it out to every one of them.  You all who are where it will be held are in for a treat, and should not miss it.  Read more at . You Talk About Digital Fight Club The format involves two thought leaders sparring in a short debate on a particular topic centered around emerging technology, design, and organizational behavior.  Each round of debate, consisting of both debaters' opening arguments and rebuttals, lasts under five minutes.  Then, another five minutes or less goes to at least two of the five judges to ask a question addressed to one of the debaters, and the other can rebut the answer as well.  Finally, the judges and audience decides a winner for each round. Despite the brevity, it is a power-packed punch of information, opinio