Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's funny when a non-white person says these things...

I was requesting quotes from some Chinese suppliers for parts we need that they just don't make in the US.  Everyone knows the stories about why so much of the US manufacturing sector moved to China; they can build stuff much cheaper than we can.  They are known for being frugal.  Thus, I got a pretty good laugh when I saw this message from a supplier:

3)For the brightness, the type we quot you is for ultra brightness. We only send products with low brightness to india market. I think you understand their need is always with very low price and normal quality.

There!  I didn't say it originally nor alter the text, I'm just passing it onto you verbatim as it appeared in my inbox.  Many cultures love to point out differences in other cultures, and it's not meant to be racist in a hurtful or derogatory way; many times, it's simply stating facts.  I think Americans go too far with what is defined as racist, and are too quick to censure someone simply for pointing out cultural differences.  It's insane to cast the same light on someone who makes such statements as someone else who's committed genocide or any other sort of hate crime.

Also, by purchasing from the manufacturer directly, typically you can't get better than a 50% discount.  Sometimes it's cheaper to just buy from the retailers anyway, especially when there are so many possible customizations you could order on the part.

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