Thursday, October 3, 2013

Presenting at the Perot Museum

Honestly I've been forgetting to post here lately; had a lot of company at the house keeping me distracted!  Plus, the work on the LEDgoes project & some other extracurriculars have been keeping me rather busy.  One such extracurricular is a series of interactive demonstrations displayed in conjunction with the Dallas Makerspace at the Perot Museum in downtown Dallas tomorrow, 10/4/2013.

I'm showing off the DecorreLab project (that I wrote about here previously) at the museum, and am hoping to inspire and engage a bunch of people with some really neat psychoacoustic effects in person.  (I might want to study up on some of the psychoacoustic theories in the meantime!)  Some of the other DMS members are also working on displays driven by a Makey Makey, allowing museum-goers to tap on various fruits and conductive non-Newtonian fluids in order to get a laptop to play sounds.  The third display (that lots of DMS members took videos of while we were building it) is non-Newtonian fluids placed in a bowl on top of a 12" 1KW subwoofer.  As the sub plays different frequencies, the non-Newtonian fluid (basically corn starch mixed with water to get a specific consistency) will morph into different patterns and shapes at the bottom of the bowl (as seen on The Big Bang Theory), and even form "towers" that will eventually glob off and fly everywhere. :-P  I also invited artist & circuit-bender Darcy Neal to come out, and she is running a Soldering 101 course & letting people build theremin kits too in order to play around with electronic music.  If you're in Dallas, you should... well actually, the museum event is already sold out, so you'll have to ask someone who was able to get in how cool it was!

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