Monday, April 29, 2013

Ok, here it goes!  I've been resisting blogging for the better part of a decade now because I already have a website where people can find more about some of the things I do.  Problem is, in this day & age, search engine ranking is key, and my website just isn't SEO'd like Blogspot is.  Plus, my site has a reputation for being awfully game-show-specific, so while you might go there to find the episode when your grandmother was on What's My Line? back in the 1950s, you're going to have a harder time finding about my exploits with equally geeky things such as non-negative matrix factorization, support vector machines, how these apply to stock options (or not), and the myriad of apps I write that run on everything from EFI BIOS and ARM microprocessors on up to Intel server processors that haven't even been released yet.

G: Game shows,
O: Stock options,
S: Software,
H: Hardware --

This blog will be, first and foremost, a showcase of various projects from the past and present, which my wife (of doesitpew fame) indicates are very much worth sharing but still way too obscure and unpublicized (even though they're on my website).  These projects aren't done solely for the spirit of using modern computing technology, but to advance my interests in stock options, vintage game shows, or whatever else the cause may be.  In keeping with that diversity, I'll be writing about actual game shows or activities in the stock market from time to time.  Who knows what else might sneak in, because this will be the receptacle of my musings!